Astro-Tronics, Inc.
  Famous for Quality on Earth and Beyond


Over  Thirty-one Years of Quality Products /   Service

In the 32 years since it was founded, Astro-Tronics, Inc. has designed and manufactured products in support of programs as diverse the Space Shuttle, the testing of aircraft, Star-Wars (SDI), enviornmental monitoring, and bird calls for scientific research.

Form its beginning Astro-Tronics, Inc. has been recognized as a leader in technology, as well as a supplier of quality products at affordable cost.

Astro-Tronics, Inc. designs and manufacturers a wide range of products from modules to turn-key systems for communications, data acquistion, telemetry, switching, digital voice, and instrumentation. 

Astro-Tronics, Inc. can provide off-the-shelf or modified products (COTS) as well as completely new designs to meet customer requirements 

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